Full-time Placements

Organizations require the right personnel with the right training, qualifications and soft skills to meet the job requirements and fit in their corporate culture. As a strategic talent management partner, Prohati partners with clients in recruiting for their full-time talent needs.

We invest the right amount of time to understand our clients’ businesses thoroughly. Our talent management team has rich experience in successfully helping clients to attract and retain the right talent.

  • Human resource strategies – When our clients need more than just a hiring service, we plan, develop and maintain the most important asset        in their companies – talent.
  • Wide range of resources – We help our clients in getting the right resources for full-time positions out of our reliable network of candidates.
  • Rapid deployment – We provide rapid talent deployment services based on the clients’ distinctive talent requirements.
  • Stay current – With the marketplace for full-time talent changing every day, the clients’ competitors are also trying to attract and recruit the          same talent from the same available pool. With Prohati’s full-time talent management services, our clients can experience customized HR              strategies to gauge current workforce trends and talent expectations. We help our clients to stay current and relevant with the market                      conditions.
  • Build value – Our clients can reduce costs on talent management function by maximizing full-time talent retention. Thus, we enable the best           talent work for our clients’ organizations.
  • Global talent – It is indeed challenging to find the talent with the right set of skills for global work locations. Prohati plays a vital role in getting           such talent for clients – anywhere in the world.